Cert. Tablet Refills - Pack of 6


Each Cert. dissolvable tablet delivers 500ml of cleaner & disinfectant, designed to protect every room in your home.

Each tube of Cert. tablets contains 18 tablets - enough for 18 bottles of Cert. cleaning spray.

Cert. Cleaning Tablets:

  • 6 Tubes
  • Each tube contains 18 Cert. cleaning tablets (108 total)
  • Packaged in widely recycled materials
  • Made & shipped from the UK
  • Trusted by the NHS - used in UK hospitals

Fill your reusable Cert. bottle or mop with water, drop-in, dissolve & disinfect.

We don't ship perfectly good drinking water - reuse & refill to save money and the planet.

Free standard delivery UK-wide.

Cert. is a powerful clean & disinfect spray that destroys Covid-19 in just 60 seconds with just a spray and a wipe.

  • One multi-purpose cleaner for every room in your home
  • Destroys 99.99% of bacteria
  • Destroys viruses including COVID-19
  • Once dissolved, Cert. is active against COVID-19 for 48 hours
  • Trusted by the NHS - the same product used in UK hospitals
  • Bleach-free
  • Complies with UK & EU regulations

Cert. is made in the UK and standard delivery is free.

Cert. has never been tested on animals and is safe to use in homes with pets.


Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate, or NaDCC

What is it for? This is the biocide, or disinfectant, needed to kill Covid-19 & Viruses. It is safe on skin, surfaces and around children & pets. Also known as Troclosene Sodium.

Detergent (Surfactant)

What is it for?
A combination of disinfectant and detergent is needed to effectively kill viruses & bacteria. The Cert. formula delivers a unique & safe combination of the two.

An effervescent base

What is it for?
Bubbles! To allow Cert. to dissolve quickly in water.

How it works



Rated Excellent

Any Questions?

Cert. can be used on most hard surfaces in kitchens, bathrooms, glass, floors and wooden surfaces. See a full list of surfaces Cert. has been tested & tried on our FAQ page.

Yes! A diluted tablet of Cert. has an almost-neutral PH level, meaning it is safe to use in a home with pets. Like with any cleaning product, we don't recommend spraying directly onto a pet or pet bedding.

Your Cert. cleaning tablets, spray bottle & spray mop will arrive in recyclable packaging.
Cert. tubes and bottles are also widely recycled, although we would encourage Cert. customers to reuse and refill.

Cert. is made & manufactured by Hydrachem, a trusted supplier to the NHS for over 50 years. Hydrachem manufactures 95% of the sanitising products used by the NHS, via several distributors who trade under their own label brands.

The Cert. formula is the same formula used by the NHS, under a variety of different brand names.

Once dissolved, the disinfectant in Cert. responsible for killing Covid-19 is active for 48 hours.

After 48 hours, the spray will become less effective at destroying viruses. Cert. will still provide a powerful anti-bacterial clean for another 3 days, as the strength of disinfectant needed to kill bacteria is much lower than viruses.

Did you know?
Diluted bleach solutions are only active for 24 hours; Cert. is active for 48 and is far safer to store, prepare and use.

Yes, Cert. has been tested and proven to kill SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19, after just 60 seconds on a surface.

Cert. complies with Public Health England's cleaning principles on how to keep surfaces covid-free, and has been tested to European standards.