Certified By Cert.

What is it?

You’ll want everyone to know you use Cert. in your home and place of work - and that the places you visit have hospital-grade hygiene and comply with Public Health England’s cleaning principles on how to keep “potentially contaminated and frequently touched” hard surfaces COVID-19 free.

That’s why we’re introducing Certified By Cert., which will enable homes, offices, coffee shops and other businesses to communicate to visitors, staff and customers they use Cert. to keep them safe.

How does it work?

Every Cert. purchase comes with a unique certificate that you can place prominently in your home, office or customer-facing areas. Businesses will be able to publicise that they’re Certified By Cert. via social media and Google maps.

On the certificate will be a unique code which guarantees businesses are using Cert. and have the correct amounts of stock to continue providing hospital-grade hygiene for their customers - who will be able to check this certificate is still valid via the unique code published on the certificate.

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