Cert. For Business: Mop + Tablets
Cert. For Business: Mop + Tablets
Cert. For Business: Mop + Tablets
Cert. For Business: Mop + Tablets
Cert. For Business: Mop + Tablets
Cert. For Business: Mop + Tablets
Cert. For Business: Mop + Tablets
Cert. For Business: Mop + Tablets
Cert. For Business: Mop + Tablets

Cert. For Business: Mop + Tablets

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Show everyone your business is certain of safety.

Hygiene is a must-have. Businesses can’t afford anything less than the highest standards.

Today’s world demands it.

So, protecting your workplace is protecting your future.

Cert. is hospital level hygiene.

Cert’s tablet has the same formula, strength, and level of disinfection as the main one manufactured by Hydrachem and used across the NHS and medical facilities around the world. And now you can use it to prevent the spread of viruses and germs around your workplace.

Our anti-viral disinfectant and detergent kills 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and organisms.

And gives people 100% confidence in your business.

The Cert. For Business: Mop + Tablets pack comes complete with a Cert. Spray Mop and a choice of 72 or 180 tablets. Simply fill the Cert. Spray Mop container with water and pop in one of the tablets to unleash the power of Cert. – then just spray and wipe COVID-19 away.

  • 1 x reusable Cert. Spray Mop with refillable 500ml bottle,
  • 1x reusable 500ml Cert. Trigger Spray Bottle,
  • Choice of 2 or 10 tubes of Cert. Disinfectant & Detergent Tablets, allowing you to make up to 360 x 500ml Solution which is active for 48 hours.

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Leading independent experts from across Europe have tested Cert. in a variety of conditions. 

These include Dr Jochen Steinmann of the highly respected Dr. Brill +Partner, GMBH, Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology in Bremen, Germany. 

He has certified that Cert. effectively destroys all enveloped viruses in one minute, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus - which causes COVID-19.

Dr. Andrew Kemp PhD, who is a specialist researcher in disinfection and decontamination, carried out rigorous testing on Cert. using the Kemp-Hirschman test for “wet in use” disinfectant products.

At the critical period - 5 minutes after treatment - Cert. killed 100% of the bacteria species used to contaminate the surfaces. The types of surfaces tested were a wooden food chopping board, an alloy metal sink and a man-made high gloss kitchen worktop.

Our Cert. tablets are an active solution made of 43% of Troclosene Sodium. Their 2-in-1 antiviral action disinfects and cleans 99.99% of microorganisms and viruses which is effective for 48 hours. Liquid bleach diluents are only active for 24 hours so with Cert. you are protected for longer.

The remaining active solution may be used in the mop for an extra powerful clean and reduced waste. Or, you can discard any remaining solution into a toilet bowl and in doing so, clean your toilet of any viruses and bacteria. Cert. would also clean your drains and keep their overall hygiene at a superior standard. 

Cert. tablets are safer to use than liquid bleach, and are non-corrosive.

This is because with a pH of 6 when dissolved they are almost pH neutral, with liquid bleach having a corrosive pH of 12. This means that our formula will not damage your skin, stain your surfaces or mark your clothing. 

Liquid bleach comes with a string of instructions of how to use, and warnings about its harmful effects on your skin, eyes and surfaces. 

Compared to Cert, liquid bleach is difficult to dilute to any required exact level of chlorine.

You will need to wait between applying your usual cleaning products following liquid bleach because mixing chemicals is a dangerous exercise which may release noxious gases. 

Neat liquid bleach also has pH of up to 13, and as such is corrosive. You have to wear gloves and strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions. That is why unlike Cert. liquid bleach carries a burning hand warning symbol.

Cert. is different. 

At pH 6, our dissolved solution is almost pH neutral. In tablet and liquid form, it is extremely safe for handling. There is no need for gloves and hazard glasses with Cert.

It is non-corrosive and non-hazardous.

There is no risk of the solution being rendered ineffective. Simply dissolving one Cert. tablet in our 500ml bottle guarantees that the solution will be the required 1,000 parts per million available chlorine (ppm av.cl.) needed to remove contamination of germs, bacteria and microorganisms.

This clever Cert dosage complies not only with the formula recommended by PHE in a pandemic environment but also is precisely the formula which is used by the NHS and hospitals around the world as the dilution of choice.

 Our tablet easily dissolves without risk of splashes, and a compatible detergent has been added to the disinfectant. 

 This means Cert both cleans and disinfects so there is no need to use an additional cleaning product alongside Cert.

 And our secret ingredient? Nearly five decades of heritage throughout which we’ve been disinfecting water, hospitals and medical facilities.

 At Cert. we have taken all our knowledge, experience, research and specialised work in this area of disinfection to create a revolutionary combined cleaner and disinfectant for your home and business.

When it comes to hygiene for your home, tablets are the clean winner over liquids.

A tube of tablets takes up a fraction of the space of a litre of liquid.

Tablets are both safer to transport and to handle.

And our tablets, while being tough on viruses and bacteria, are gentle on the planet.

They do not require the reservoirs of water which come with liquid cleaning products.

And with the refillable and reusable Cert bottle, you won’t be draining the oceans or clogging them up.

You can look after your home and everyone’s home, the world around us.

All Economy orders are free shipping. Express orders are £2.99. 

  • Mop orders must go with a courier due to their size.
  • Orders placed before 2pm using express are shipped the same day. Express orders after 2pm will be shipped the next day. 
  • Express orders are shipped with Royal Mail Tracked 24HR. 
  • Economy orders are dispatched within 48hrs of ordering.
  • If they ordered after 2pm, then they will be dispatched 48hrs from the following day. 
  • Economy orders are shipped with Royal Mail Tracked 48HR.

Many household cleaning products come in 500ml single use plastic bottles - it’s estimated billions of plastic bottles in the UK go to landfill every year. That’s why we developed Cert. to help you cut plastic waste and reduce your carbon footprint.

With 18 tablets per tube, just one tube of Cert. replaces 18 single-use plastic bottles of pre-diluted cleaner - in fact when compared to standard multi-purpose cleaner bottles Cert. results in a reduction of at least 98% in plastic use, by weight.

With Cert. you’re saving water too. You only use the water you need, when you need it, which helps reduce plastic in the environment drastically. Cert. reduces significantly the carbon emissions created by the transportation of millions of litres of water in ready to use liquid cleaning and disinfecting products - and prevents this water from being taken out of the fresh water system and being “trapped” inside these bottles, often for many months.

'Quite honestly, genius'

West Wales Family Life say: 'The clever way that Cert ensures you use the correct dosage every time means you are meeting the same recommended formula that Public Health England states is needed in a pandemic environment. It is the exact same diluted formula that’s being used by our NHS and hospitals around the world.'


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