2 Tubes of Cert. Tablets
Cert. Tablet being dropped into Spray Bottle
5 Tubes of Cert. Tablets
1 Tube of Cert. makes equivalent of 18 500ml bottles

Cert. Tablets Refills - Various Sizes

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Cert. Tablet Tubes each contain 18 tablets. Available in a 2 or 10 pack. Simply fill the Cert. Trigger Spray or Cert. Trigger Mop with water and pop in one of the tablets to unleash the power of Cert. – then just spray and wipe COVID-19 away.

It's tough on commonly found microorganisms and germs commonly found in households, but safe around your kids, pets and furniture.

Available in either:

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In accordance with Government COVID-19 guidelines

Cert. is manufactured by a British company, which has specialised in this area of disinfection for almost 50 years. Cert’s tablet has the same formula and strength and the level of disinfection as the one it manufactures for the NHS.

Cert. complies with Public Health England’s guidelines on how to protect hard surfaces against COVID-19. Your usual multi-purpose cleaner probably won’t comply with them, but Cert. does.  

Public Health England say you should use: “a combined detergent disinfectant solution at a dilution of 1,000 parts per million available chlorine (ppm av.cl.).”

That’s Cert.

*CERT has been evaluated for virus-inactivating properties against all enveloped viruses (a group to which SARS-Covid-2 belongs), under standard EN14476:2013 +A2:2019 and passed the test (inactivation ≥99.99%) at 1 min contact time. The strain used was modified vaccinia virus Ankara, surrogate of SARS-CoV-2 as stipulated under Appendix 3, Guidance on the BPR: Volume II Parts B+C Version 3.0 April 2018.

Saving money and helping the planet a little too

Cert’s ingenious tablet-based application means you can reuse your Cert. Trigger Spray over and over again – so you’re saving money and helping the planet a little too. 

Most household cleaning products come in 500ml single use plastic bottles - it’s estimated billions of plastic bottles in the UK go to landfill every year. That’s why we developed Cert. to help you cut plastic waste and reduce your carbon footprint.

With 18 tablets per tube, just one tube of Cert. replaces 18 single-use plastic bottles of pre-diluted cleaner - in fact when compared to standard multi-purpose cleaner bottles Cert. results in a reduction of at least 98% in plastic use, by weight.

With Cert. you’re saving water too. You only use the water you need, when you need it, which helps the environment a little too. Cert. reduces significantly the carbon emissions created by the transportation of millions of litres of water in ready to use liquid cleaning and disinfecting products - and prevents this water from being taken out of the fresh water system and being “trapped” inside these bottles, often for many months. 

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