"the co-vid destroyer"
'Quite honestly, genius'
Hospital hygiene and peace of mind on another level
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'Quite honestly, genius'

West Wales Family Life say: 'Cert takes the guesswork out of cleaning. The clever way that Cert ensures you use the correct dosage every time means you are meeting the same recommended formula that Public Health England states is needed in a pandemic environment. It is the exact same diluted formula that’s being used by our NHS and hospitals around the world.'


Less than half the cost of many comparable brand name cleaning and disinfecting products

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Cert is made by Hydrachem

For nearly fifty years, Hydrachem has been providing water purification tablets and baby bottle sterilising tablets to over 60 countries. Closer to home, over 95% of the NHS’s tablet disinfection treatments are manufactured by Hydrachem.

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Leading independent experts have tested Cert

Their conclusions are that Cert. effectively destroys all enveloped viruses in one minute, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus - which causes COVID-19.

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Since launching, Cert has attracted nationwide media coverage