Hospital Grade Hygiene

“The COVID-19 Destroyer”

Dr Shaun Heaphy, leading Virologist

Hospital-grade hygiene for your home

It's a breakthrough for your home cleaning and hygiene.


Cert. hits the headlines

Less than **half the cost of many comparable brand name cleaning and disinfecting products

Powerful formula kills 99.99% of ALL microorganisms and household germs


Interview with Independent Scientific Researcher Dr. Andrew Kemp

Interviewer: “Do you think it's important to use hospital grade disinfectant in the home?”

Dr. Andrew Kemp PhD: “Yes, I do, and the reason for that is ...."


*CERT has been evaluated for virus-inactivating properties against all enveloped viruses (a group to which SARS-Covid-2 belongs), under standard EN14476:2013 +A2:2019 and passed the test (inactivation ≥99.99%) at 1 min contact time. The strain used was modified vaccinia virus Ankara, surrogate of SARS-CoV-2 as stipulated under Appendix 3, Guidance on the BPR: Volume II Parts B+C Version 3.0 April 2018.

** These are Cert’s own findings and are based on the diluted cost per litre of a basket of  comparable brand name cleaning and disinfecting products at a selection of high street retailers.

Cert. Trigger Spray & 2 Tubes of Tablets
Cert. Essential Pack unboxing
Cert. solution being made
Cert. Tablet dissolving in water
Cert. being used on door handle
Cert. being used on bathroom tap
Cert. being used on kitchen surfaces
Cert. being used on kitchen cupboards
1 Tube of Cert. makes equivalent of 18 500ml bottles
Cert. Essential Pack - Disinfectant & Detergent Tablets & Spray Bottle
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