Helping to protect you, your home & the environment

Cert.'s multi-purpose formula cleans & disinfects and is proven to destroy viruses including Covid-19 & 99.99% of germs, whilst also reducing the impact on the environment and our homes.

We disagree with holding perfectly good drinking water hostage in plastic bottles.

Billions of litres of water are lost to the Earth’s water cycle at any one time, sitting on warehouse shelves or shipping containers.

Free the water – fill at home!

94% Less single-use plastic

Each tablet makes a 500ml bottle of Cert. That means you’ll use 94% less single-use plastic for every tube of Cert.

Refill & Reuse your bottle for life – say no to single-use plastic!

All of our packaging can be widely recycled, should the time come.

Less is more

Most cleaning products available in single-use bottles contain 95% water. We think it’s better for the environment to stop shipping tap water around the world.

Just one lorry of water-based cleaning products can weigh up to 20 tonnes!

The Cert. equivalent of disinfectant weighs only 64kgs – saving up to 99.5% in harmful emissions.

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