Cert. Spray Mop Replacement Pads


Cert. spray mops are for designed for life - simply reuse and refill.

Cert. Spray Mop Replacement Pads - Pack of 3 Washable and reusable microfibre pads.

Designed for use with Cert. Spray Mop.

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Cert. can be used on most hard surfaces in kitchens, bathrooms, glass, floors and wooden surfaces. See a full list of surfaces Cert. has been tested & tried on our FAQ page.

Yes! A diluted tablet of Cert. has an almost-neutral PH level, meaning it is safe to use in a home with pets. Like with any cleaning product, we don't recommend spraying directly onto a pet or pet bedding.

Your Cert. cleaning tablets, spray bottle & spray mop will arrive in recyclable packaging.
Cert. tubes and bottles are also widely recycled, although we would encourage Cert. customers to reuse and refill.

Yes, Cert. is tested & proven to be effective against all enveloped viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 and all variants of this, as well as many other well-known viruses found commonly in care homes and hospitals.

That's why hospitals around the world trust our tablets to keep their settings clean and safe.

Cert. is made & manufactured by Hydrachem, a trusted supplier to the NHS for over 50 years. Hydrachem manufactures 95% of the sanitising products used by the NHS, via several distributors who trade under their own label brands.

The Cert. formula is the same formula used by the NHS, under a variety of different brand names.

Once dissolved, the disinfectant in Cert. responsible for killing Covid-19 is active for 48 hours.

After 48 hours, the spray will become less effective at destroying viruses. Cert. will still provide a powerful anti-bacterial clean for another 3 days, as the strength of disinfectant needed to kill bacteria is much lower than viruses.

Did you know?
Diluted bleach solutions are only active for 24 hours; Cert. is active for 48 and is far safer to store, prepare and use.

Yes, Cert. has been tested and proven to kill all enveloped viruses including SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19, after just 60 seconds on a surface.

Cert. complies with Public Health England's cleaning principles on how to keep surfaces covid-free, and has been tested to European standards.

No. Cert. has been tested and proven to destroy Covid-19 and other viruses after just 60 seconds on a surface.

We recommend waiting 5 minutes to ensure all other bacteria is destroyed - just like any other anti-bac surface cleaner also recommends.